Vocational Training

Delivery of quality vocational training based on industry needs has always been a challenge. In the past many training resources were produced without the benefit of a robust standards framework. As a result the style and type of training would vary depending on who and where the training was undertaken.

To overcome these issues Skills Service Organisations develop and maintain industry based training packages. These training packages while well endorsed by industry and government only provide a basis on what is to be delivered and how it will be assessed. No actual content is provided in the training package.

Relevant content materials for training package delivery has always been an issue for training providers. Many vendors provide training materials but few map their content against training package competencies.

This is not unusual as vendors typically created training materials for a global audience while training packages tend to be focused on local industry needs and regulations.

As such there is always an ongoing requirement to undertake a mapping of vendor materials to align to the elements of the training package competency. This takes time and resources to complete.

At Ithaca hub we have released a three part Raspberry Pi course that has been mapped against the Australian ICT training package competencies. These materials are free to use under the creative commons license as required.

So if you are interested they are available in the Courseware section.

Tony Duffy
Ithaca hub owner.

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