Ithaca hub name

Ithaca TAFE (Technical and Further Education) was a vocational education campus located in the inner northern area of Brisbane. In its day it was seen as the preferred training provider by many companies and private citizens in Queensland.

Ithaca hub is dedicated to a group of teachers and support staff who made a difference in the lives of many students at this campus.

While the Fulcher Rd. campus is no longer the efforts of the people who worked there go on.

I had the privilege of being the Operations Manager of a faculty for a number of years at the campus.

The reputation of this faculty stretched far and wide known for excellence in ICT vocational training.

It was a tough job juggling the needs of vocational education against the reality of limited funding.

In the end the economic viability of the campus could not be justified and the facilities and land were used for corporate development

So as Ithaca TAFE is no more Ithaca hub is dedicated to the memory and efforts of the following people.

Peter N, Garry T, Phil W, Ron V, Geoff K, Neville A, Justin K, Paul B, Graham B, Pauline F, Wendy C,  Olga Y, Michael H, Peter G, Robert K, Beno K, Ellen Y, Roy O, Pierre N and John L.


May the loose confederation of warring tribes live on.