Network Video Recording

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Networking video recording (NVR) can be broken into two basic types. They are internal or external based storage systems.

Internal video systems commonly known as local based storage have been the standard for analog based Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) systems for many years. With the transition to digital recording the trend now has been to migrate video recording to external based systems using Internet based cloud storage. While this seems to be popular like most things in technology there are pros and cons to consider.

Local based NVR requires dedicated software and hardware. Previously this was expensive and difficult to set up. Now it is possible to purchase a four channel NVR system for under $400. While this system may not be suitable for industrial applications it is more than capable for normal domestic security use.

For this price the system will have the following specifications.

  • 4 x Internet Protocol (IP) cameras with 1080P full High Definition resolution
  • Wi-Fi ┬áconnectivity
  • Ethernet port for connection to Internet router
  • USB port for local backup
  • H.264+ video compression,
  • 2 Terabyte Hard drive for data video storage
  • 4-channel simultaneous live viewing.
  • HDMI and VGA outputs for easy connections to enable real-time monitoring.
  • In built management software
  • Remote Surveillance capability

If you are willing to do the setup yourself the system will be very cost effective. Also there are many generic NVR systems available now using the same Linux based software. I have listed some systems under the Resources area and this will give your more information on how to choose a suitable set up.

External based cloud storage has been come popular due to more streaming services being made available. Most hosting services do provide a basic free option but it usually limited to single camera storage with limited bandwidth. To get a more capable option a monthly fee is required with a stable Internet connection. The costs do start to add up over time.

I have found the local based storage NVR has all the benefits I require for video recording on my premises. I do use cloud based storage for selected backup of important video data files. All files are still available on the local NVR hard drive. This strategy allows me to select the best of both environments with the redundancy of multiple storage options.