MicroPoP Hardware

Access Point / Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

Here are some of the companies that make the Access Point and CPEs. The Access Point goes at the relay site and multiple CPE devices can connect to the Access Point. A single CPE device will go on each customer location.

In some cases it’s possible to mix and match hardware manufacturers for Access Points and CPEs but you’ll get the best performance if you use the same for both.


If you’re unsure about what to choose, Ubiquiti is a great place to start. Ubiquiti hardware is not the best on all metrics but it is definitely is cost effective and very user-friendly.

The latest Ubiquiti MicroPoP equipment is the AirMax AC platform and includes Access Points, CPEs and Backhauls.

Ubiquiti provides a free airLink simulation for MicroPoP design .

Ubiquiti also makes a series of Local Area Network (LAN) equipment in the Unifi platform. They are widely used in Business and residential applications.


Mimosa is a newer company gaining traction with cost effective MicroPoP products that compete with Ubiquiti. They have gained a reputation of providing excellent price performance in the wireless market place.

The Mimosa design tool provides an excellent resource on how to build a cost effective and scalable MicroPoP.

Mimosa Design Tool


Cambium Networks is another popular vendor in the wireless point to point market. They provide multiple solutions for business and residential applications.

There are many other vendors that provide quality wireless products suitable for MicoPoP applications. The suppliers mentioned are popular due to their cost and performance as well as being well supported.