One of the goals at Ithaca hub is to provide recourses that can be used freely as required.

Over time the recourses area will grow and expand depending on the needs of the community of users.

The Courseware section is the first example of freely available teaching resources that can be downloaded as required.  Courseware will contain teaching and learning materials that have been built using Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) principles.

The topics are chosen to be in-line with practical work requirements while been mapped against industry training package competencies.

The initial courseware products are training materials utilising the Raspberry Pi single board computer. The Ithaca hub Raspberry Pi course is comprised of three parts.

  1. Raspberry Pi Fundamentals
  2. Raspberry Pi Installation and Configuration
  3. Raspberry Pi Programming

The Raspberry Pi course has been mapped against a skill set of competencies from the Australian ICT – Information and Communications Technology training package.

The competencies used are the following:

Raspberry Pi Fundamentals ICTICT301 Create User Documentation
Raspberry Pi Installation and Configuration ICTICT302  Install  and  optimise  operating  system  software

ICTNWK305  Install  and  manage  network  protocols

Raspberry Pi Programming ICAPRG414A Apply introductory programming skills in another language


These materials are free to use for teaching and learning under the  Creative Commons License.

Hope you enjoy.

More to come in the future.