Smart Smoke alarms

Siterwell GS511

With the changes to current legislation regarding smoke alarms there is a staged move towards implementing connectivity for all smoke detection devices.

At this point most manufacturers are producing interconnected smoke alarms that work as dedicated proprietary based systems. Basically this means that the system while interconnected still operates in an isolated network manner without any real smart capability.

While there are some so called smart smoke detectors such as the Google Nest the issue is that the smoke alarm needs to be AS 3786:2014 compliant with ActivFire certification .

So gradually some compliant manufacturers have taken an more integrated approach to their systems and are producing alarms and detectors that work with a Internet of Things (IOT) system.

The Sitterwell wireless family is an example of an AS 3786:2014 complaint smoke alarm system that provides local inter-connectivity at cost effective price.

WYZE Camera

When coupled with a WYZE Cam the Siterwell smoke alarm system has the capability to become an smart IOT system.

We believe while the system should have the smart capability it also should have the ability to work as a standalone AS 3786:2014 interconnected smoke alarm system if required. This reduces the initial outlay to remain cost competitive in the market.

This is why we look for systems that meet the legislation requirements but have scalable options if required.