Fixed Wireless MicroPoP

Mimosa Brings Fiber-fast Wireless Broadband to Urban and Suburban Areas  with MicroPoP Architecture | Mimosa Networks

The Micro Point of Presence (MicroPoP) is a new concept for deployment of fixed broadband services over wireless. Designed for suburban and rural areas, the MicroPoP targets 250-500 Mbps speeds, and eventually Gigabit service. It is powerful enough to replace outdated DSL connections as well provide Cable and Fibre speeds, at cost effective prices.

Typically wireless MicroPoPs fill the last mile gap created by outdated copper based legacy telephone networks.

Fibre-Fast Speeds

Customers connected to a MicroPoP can burst to hundreds of Megabits, symmetrically, in both a downstream and upstream direction. National providers are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade their networks yet cannot come close to these speeds or expand the fiber footprint fast enough to keep up with demand.

Scalable and flexible wireless MicroPops connected to high speed backhaul networks is an answer to meet demand for high-bandwidth services to multiple devices in the home. Video streaming with real time communications represent a step functionional change in the need for speed and innovative wireless networks have become a viable way to build the ecosystem to meet this demand.